Global Writings – Critical Considerations for Global Ministry Writers

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Global Writings – Critical Considerations for Global Ministry Writers


One of the most challenging aspects of global ministry is the increased use of social media for spreading information. This phenomenon has created a legal minefield for writers because their messages can spread around the world without their knowledge or permission. The use of social media also raises many questions related to contracting with writers. In this environment, it is important to consider the following considerations to be successful. First, writers need to consider the culture and the context of the material that they are publishing. If they are working with an international audience, their writing should be written with this in mind.

In addition to addressing political security issues, global writers need to consider the context of their works. While the notion of globalization often connotes Westernized culture, the introduction of globalized novels coincided with a feeling of saturation in Western literature. Many writers began to write about migration, movement, and collisions between different kinds of individuals. As a result, the focus on globalization has expanded dramatically. While this process has numerous advantages, it also entails a number of risks. Readers must carefully consider these aspects when reading global novels.

For nearly two decades, Blank has been developing the Global Writings series. Her preferred medium is digital and silkscreen. In these works, familiar letters have no meaning or structure. Blank presents the letters in an abstract way, which has been referred to as “visual studies.” Her work is not about writing in the strict sense of the term, but about language and the social relationships that accompany it. A large number of works on paper have become sculptural.

Another way to assess student work is through oral assessments. The oral exam will only assess aspects of a global issue that pertain to two texts. Thus, students should ensure that they give equal attention to both texts in order to achieve a balanced and comprehensive response. In addition, the learner portfolio is not specifically assessed, but it offers an excellent opportunity to explore global issues and reflect on the work they have completed. This process will serve as an important part of the learning process, and will allow students to develop a critical view of their work.

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