Navigate Here to Plan Your College Experience

The navigation editor uses the House icon to indicate the start destination of the journey. The class name is derived from the destination class and the word “Directions”. The method of the navigation graph takes two arguments: the originating destination and its label. The label contains the name of the destination that is visible to users and may surfaced to the UI. The ID field contains the destination’s ID. This is used to determine whether a given path is the same for different destinations.

Students can use Navigate to plan their college experience. The app connects them with resources and people who can help them succeed in college. They can even sync the appointments made through Navigate with their phones to keep track of what they need to do at any given time. The app also offers reminders and notifications for important events. When students use the app, they can focus on the important things, like scheduling meetings and registering for classes. The app allows students to make appointments and receive notifications through push notifications.

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